South Africa in Pictures - Rankin for BBC

Here is something for people interested in Rankin, BBC documentaries or Africa. Rankin is a famous fashion and portrait photographer who goes on a personal journey to Republic of South Africa to explore it's photographic tradition. It's 60 minutes in HD so you can go full screen which is something I sometimes miss when watching documentaries on Youtube.

What I found interesting was: great African tradition of staged studio portrait familiar to all those who has seen photographs of Seydou Keita   - regular African man and women dressed in their Sunday best displaying objects of wealth and status.

Johannesburg street fashion and new identity of Black South Africans as seen by Nontsikelelo "Lolo" Veleko.  Rankin also meets 2 members of Bang Bang Club to learn more about the violent days before first free elections in RSA and death of one of its members - Ken Oosterbroek.  Viewers also have a chance of meeting David Goldblatt - photographer who has been documenting a strange coexistence of Black and White in RSA for 40 years.

I'll always have a soft spot for all things African I guess...