Steve McCurry-the photographer behind the "Afghan Girl"

The Afghan Girl is one of those unforgettable photographs. It speaks to everyone on one level or another, even to people who don't think highly of photography in general. It's all about the eyes, these beautiful green eyes of an exotic young girl. The green of her eyes matches the background that complements the reds of her dress. He didn't know her name, he didn't think the photo was any better that the rest taken that day. But it was.
I'm not a fan of colour in portraiture. Few can use it well and it usually gets in the way more than it helps. Colours influence our brains in many ways and only a master can use it to his advantage. Enter Steve McCurry.

His portraits are all in colour and they blow away. Maybe he perceives colours on some different level to us all. Maybe he sees them synesthetically? I don't know but blown away I was.
His portfolio is massive and varied but revolving around people of the world. He's a photographer after my own heart.
He must be a very likable guy, easy to smile and joke, genuine. People trust him quickly and let him enter their personal space. You can't fake approach like that - you have be it, have it in you. Have a look at Steve's work. I'm envious and inspired when I look at his photographs. I wish you the same.