Kara+Andy / Fremantle Wedding

 Kara and Andy/ Booyeembara Park Ceremony and City West Reception

With great pleasure I present to you the wedding of Kara and Andy: one of the nicest people I've ever met and photographed. The weather was perfect for the Booyeembara Park ceremony: sunny but not too warm. I was secretly wishing for an overcast day since this are photographers dream conditions but it wasn't meant to be :)

After the ceremony we went to Fremantle for some photos and lots of fun was had by all :D I remember laughing a lot the whole time. The Limo was full of beer and other alcohol so everyone arrived in great mood for reception at City West Receptions.

The room and decorations looked amazing, food was pretty good too. Andy even sang a song he wrote just for Kara, AND played a guitar! At the same time :)

I was quite impressed as my only musical talent is ... nothing actually.

Kara also ate her wedding cake like a boss: massive spoonfuls. This impressed me even more than Andy's singing to be honest :D This is the way to do it.

As a goodbye gift I got a cupcake, a jar of home-made jam and a traditional 5 almonds. Cupcake did not last long.

It was a good wedding.

Their day in 52 Photographs - click to enlarge. I'm so happy with a few of these photographs, I included them in my all time best/favourite main wedding gallery.