Fitness/sport photo session in Cottesloe with Kris

Girevoy Sport or Kettle-bell Lifting is a traditional Russian sport quickly gaining popularity around the world. It's a great way to  develop strength and endurance if you're not a gym person or want to try something different. Kris is a certified Girevoy Instructor so if anyone is looking for a coach in Perth area - she's the person to talk to.

 I'm a big guy but there is no way I could swing this very large piece of metal for an hour and a half - which is what I made Christine do. At one point she actually said  I sound like a personal trainer with my "hold it!', "keep going" and "don't stop"...

Girevoy feels to me like something you can do anywhere but it's best done outdoors - I wanted to photograph it simply, as a real training session in a real place. I had a few classic exercises in mind and 30 minutes dedicated to improvisation where I wanted to rely on my instinct. 

We both ended up covered in sand but happy.

If you happen to be a dedicated sport person, fitness instructor or a personal trainer looking for a photographer in Perth south of the river, let me know.