Sculpture by the Sea, Cottesloe, Perth.

I'm not a big fan of post-modern and conceptual art. Shovels hung by a thread and pisuars do not impress me and do nothing for me artistically. I think a lot of today's "artists" prefer shortcuts of abstract and concept art as a fast track to money and recognition. I treat art in general the same way as I treat photography - as a form of non verbal communication. Unfortunately so much of modern/postmodern/conceptual/pick-your-own definition art carries no message that I can see... Maybe it's there somewhere but the language of it is confused.

Sculpture by the Sea is a little different to me for two reasons:

  • it's outdoors, on one of the most popular Perth beaches and therefore
  • people actually interact with the artworks and provide context

All this makes Sculpture by the Sea an interesting subject for photographs. What I tried to do was to  show a connection between the place, artworks and people.