Doug, Rachelle and their Mosman Park wedding

I've mentioned earlier I strongly suspected it will be a mighty cool wedding. Doug and Rachelle are easy-going and fast to smile. Doug jokes all the time and it's generally hard not to be happy around these two :)

 The ceremony spot turned out to be a beautiful area. Right on the water with a little jetty on one side and and impressive looking bushes on the other. And of course there was the mansion overlooking pretty much everything standing on top of the hill. The mansion which, thanks to their friends, was to be the head-quarter for the day. The legends turned out to be true, I swear you can see Sydney from the top floor...

Space and light was never the issue - boys were getting ready on one side, girls on the other, the beach just 2 minutes away.

I'm not going to spoil anything with my clumsy writing - photographs should say everything. There was lots of little, special moments throughout the day - secret messages, Ava smiling and looking at her mum getting ready, missing belts, secret garden under the tree... Weddings are fun:)