Erin and Carl / Rottnest Island Wedding

What can I say, I will remember this wedding for a long time. First of all: wedding on a beach with the reception in a Picture Hall on Rottnest Island. How cool is that?

Second of all: Carl and Erin are very easy going, fun and quirky. In my book that's even cooler than the first reason.

Third of all: stuff that happened during it.

The ferry was late so I was late for Erin's preparations. Crazy drive at double speed through Rottnest Island (well, speed limit there is 5 km or so but you get the idea) Delayed ceremony, Carl releasing a live lobster into the wild (a bit unplanned), super cool bridal party session, a visit to the Rottnest Island Nursing Post, gourmet hot-dogs at the reception, plate breaking and the photos I came back with.

Here they are, some of my favourites.