Chantel and Tyson / Darlington Estate Wedding in Perth Hills

This was a wedding to remember :) There is something great when two awesome people get together and get married. My girlfriend, who is my part time photo editor said, they will have beautiful children ;)

The speeches are always a great moment to see how strong the family and friendship ties are. Tyson and Chantel are lucky to have great friends and happy families- this is all you need on your wedding day. 

Weather and elements tried to spoil the plans - it rained just before we were to go for some bridal party photos. Funny enough I lost 10 minutes trying to get onto free-way on my way to the ceremony/reception venue due to a fire - 2 intersections closed off in an unfamiliar neighbourhood and a Sat Nav which doesn't understand fires (I had to go manual:)  This is exactly why one needs to add extra time while planning travel (I'm using the story already when I talk about time-lines).

Andy and Michelle from Darlington Estate provided great food and  full bellies and drinks make for happy people. No surprise there was lots going on on the dance floor - man danced together, shirts were being discarded and girls screamed (I do have photographic evidence) . It reminded me a bit of a Metallica concert I went to long time ago :)

This was a really cool wedding. All the best guys.