Darlington Estate/Best Perth Wedding Venue

©Piotrek Ziolkowski, View from Darlington Estate.

©Piotrek Ziolkowski, View from Darlington Estate.

Why? It's quite simple actually. Great location, amazing view, friendly atmosphere and delicious food - I've been there and experienced all of it.

Wedding venue in Perth for me should be either on the water or in the hills. Anything else is just a compromise.

You get to the hills and scenery changes suddenly, it all becomes a bit more laid back and genuine. My first visit to Darlington Estate was all about location scouting - Chantel and Tyson were getting married there and I needed to have a looksee. 

Afterwards, I sent an email to the owner-Michelle to say how much I liked the place and she invited me back for a second look :)

I spent a few hours just walking around and playing with Michelle's dog - Jed. I had no clear purpose really, I just wanted to take a few pictures and get the feel for the place. Sky looked awesome, Jed wanted me to throw a ball every 2 seconds, it was warm and sunny.

I think it's a hidden gem and a great place for anything really but getting married especially :) Prices are super reasonable too. Check it out.