Elena + Mike - Point Walter Wedding (in the rain:)

Mike and Elena decided to get married in a beautiful spot just by the water in Point Walter. It was the union of two awesome people and two worlds: Australian and Russian. Even the severe weather warning did not stop us from having a great time, although it did change a few plans :) It turns out, Mike doesn't even own an umbrella so I came to the rescue with my own (and by this I mean my girlfriend's), private stock. There was a lot of cover searching and running from and into the rain throughout the day. I think I hummed "I'm singing in the rain" at least twice. We had fun though and I even managed to take a group photo of Elena and her family (still in Russia) thanks to the magic of Skype and tablets.

Great food, hospitality and help with the elements was provided by the crew from Walter's River Cafe. "The deal" was sealed by Veronika and Nadia from Fleur the Lys Exclusive Ceremonies - in Russian AND English. The fun, artistic and super-cool wedding photos were taken by me :)