Fremantle Wedding at Kidogo Arthouse / Rachel and Ethan

 Super cool Fremantle wedding at the Kidogo Art House/ Ethan and Rachel. Kidogo is very "Freo" wedding venue with awesome views and I happen to live just 5 minutes from it :) All my secret spots for wedding photos are within the walking distance.

Chinese weddings can be very big affairs: there are lots of customs to follow, lots of relatives and family members to consider. Ethan and Rachel wanted to also have an Australian wedding, more relaxed, fun and definitely with the ocean view. I offered a suggestions and they decided to have their ceremony on the deck in front of Kidogo Art House, wedding photos in Fremantle and reception in Kidogo. This was a very good plan :)

The weather was great, food delicious (hog roast and crackling: so good) and everyone had a really good time. I was hoping for a great sunset and was not disappointed. It took a bit of man-handling to get everyone outside but since Rachel loved the idea behind this photo: everyone had to comply ;)

Kidogo is a perfect place for anyone planning a small wedding with great ocean views in Fremantle. All the cool spots for wedding photos are close too. I'm not talking about "The wall" on Cliff Street. The most popular and therefore cliché place for wedding pictures in Fremantle. 

I think it's becoming my thing to photograph bridal portraits or couples in unusual places: this time I was hauling Rachel up onto a wooden platform on Bathers Beach :D

It was totally worth it.

Looking for a celebrant in Perth? I recommend getting in touch with Dru Soltys - full time marriage celebrant: sharply dressed, cool, relaxed and professional :) 

Wedding venue in Freo with lots of character and great views? Kidogo is your place.

Fremantle wedding photographer? wink, wink, nudge, nudge ;)