Marcelle + Johanna / Fremantle Wedding Photographer

Kings Park is where they used to go on dates, Kings park is where they got married. I wonder what is the next big thing to start/happen in Kings Park ;)

Marcelle and Johanna could no take their eyes off each-other the whole time. That is, once they finally saw each-other for the first time. Johanna made Marcelle wait a wee bit. Not on purpose and not a long time, but still.

Johanna comes from the land of moose, herring, salty sweets and practical furniture (rhymes with cornea ). Marcelle comes from the land of mighty but over-abundant kangaroo, driving on the wrong side of the road and impossible to wash, red dirt. Another red thing, that wouldn't come off easily was Johanna's lipstick. You can see traces of it on Marcelle's lips on quite a few photos.

It was a fun and happy day. Only photographs without smiling or laughing people are the ones where someone is about to tear up a bit or is kissing :D

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Big thanks goes to John Dandy, the celebrant, for making my job a bit easier throughout the ceremony :)