My approach

My approach to wedding photography or how I do what I do and why.

When I photograph someone and they look at the images later, I want them to see what they care about the most. This is what wedding photography is to me.

 I concentrate on the story of the day, people and moments so every wedding is different visually. Call it aesthetics of portraiture combined with the authenticity of photojournalism. Or capture everything important in the most beautiful way possible. I often use assistants and second photographers to make sure the day is documented properly.  I always scout locations to choose the best spots and light. I always use two cameras and I'm always ready to take a picture.

Engagement / Be Yourselves Sessions

For most people, their wedding is the first time in front of a professional camera. I want you to be relaxed and happy on the wedding day and I want you to trust me. Let's get the awkwardness out of the way and let's concentrate on what's really important. This is how I do it: we meet before the wedding and spend some time together. Me, you two and my camera. Just be yourselves and show me who you are.

No judgement, no poses and no fake smiles. 

Weddings are important, there's a lot of things to consider. I understand.  See the blog or check my personal work to get to know me better. Ask questions, send me a message :)