Hello. My name is Piotrek Ziolkowski. It looks like something hard to say, right? Don't worry, it's easier than you think.


I've been many things before I decided one day to quit the job I had at the time and make photography work.

With no formal training, no industry knowledge, no experience, in a country I was just beginning to understand... The odds were overwhelmingly against me. But I made it work thanks to one thing.

No matter what the job or wedding was, how small, whether I actually got paid or not... I put everything into it, every single time. I got into wedding photography very quickly. A friend asked me to photograph his and I got hooked.

I sincerely believe in power of images. They can change the way see and remember moments and people. Sometimes it becomes the only way to relieve the good times or reconnect with past.

I carry a camera with me even when I'm not working. I love getting off the beaten track to "find" exciting images.