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I think photographer's blogs are the best way to see if you will get along together. This is where you get to see the big picture and full wedding stories. You'll see some of the most iconic Perth wedding locations here and a few hidden gems. I photograph a lot of weddings in Fremantle so Fremantle features here a lot. If you dig dipper you'll see what I mean by story-telling in wedding photography and how pictures can work together.

Just us and the wind / Perth pre-wedding photographer

It's not about epiphanies or startling realisations happening mid shot. It's more about quiet and growing appreciation. It's about the "warm and comfy feeling inside" when holding hands. It's about sharing moments when nothing happens but everything is clear.

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Fun in the Sun / Perth Engagement Photographer

City Beach engagement session with Sarah and Rich

It's hard to imagine by looking at these pictures it's winter time in Perth. But it is :) Today, it actually feels very wintery with all that rain and wind. I'm very happy we had this beautiful weather 2 weeks ago for Sarah and Rich's engagement/pre-wedding session. City Beach has undergone development recently and I photographed an awesome wedding there before. I didn't feel like I've exhausted the "visual potential" however.

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All the way from Hong Kong / Hong Kong Perth Wedding Photographer

SK and Eric wanted simple yet memorable wedding and they wanted to have fun exploring Perth. And awesome wedding photos to prove it of course. I seldom have so much time with the couples on the wedding day. The plan was to start at Sittella Winery and make our way down to Fremantle stopping along the way. Timing and travel was important as well as finding places with best light. It took me two days to scout the spots I wanted to include and make sure we get to Fremantle for the sunset.

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Wedding at Darlington / Perth Hills with Clare, Stew and the Gang

The images below tell Clare and Stew's weddingstory. A visual narrative of the short, special moments that made this day what it was. And there was a lot of them.

Stew and Clare seem to have one of those rare bonds. It was clear from the way they were dancing and having fun together. Everyone needs someone they can be silly with from time to time. I really enjoyed watching them busting moves together during the reception.

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Claire and Aidan / Wedding at cool and funky Moore and Moore

When two adventurous and strong willed people get married, they do things their own way. The wedding venue is the cool and quirky Moore and Moore in Fremantle. The ceremony happens inside and they decide to do "First Look" just before. It's usually very charged and short but this was not the case with Claire and Aidan.

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One day stopped in time. Lifestyle family session with Daisy and Tom.

"Life is what happens while you are busy making other plans." John Lennon.

 Life happens to us every day but sometimes we are to busy to notice or appreciate it. One week changes into another and suddenly it's 5 years later. Everything is same yet different. One day Jake and Max will be looking at these photographs with smiles on their faces, wandering at how young their parents looked. And maybe remembering a long forgotten toy or the blue fence. 

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The Golden Hour - Sally and Andrew

When Sally saw her sister's Perth pre-wedding session, she wanted one too. I wish I could say she and Andrew came all the way to WA just to jump in front of my camera... but it would be a lie :) Sally's sister surprise Rottnest Island elopement was the true reason. The session was just a cherry on top of that cake :)

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Rottnest Island Elopement / Complete Freedom

I can now why there are photographers out there shooting only elopements. From start to finish it feels like a great, fun adventure. Rottnest Island is a beautiful place to get married. There are so many little secret beaches and bays along the coast line. So many visually stunning locations. So many spots where you just want to get lost and explore.

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A little airport adventure / Couple photography session

Here's another awesome couple from Singapore visiting Perth. Jesper is a cadet pilot so when Joelle approached me to organize a cool couple session, I got a little excited. Photography is just like everything else, the more you put into it, the more you get out. I wanted this couple shoot to be unique, have the "Australian" feel to it and include the story. Airport and planes was the first and obvious idea but it proved a little difficult to pull off. In the end a bit of luck, daring and goodwill of strangers made it possible for us to spend some time at the Jandakot Airport.

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Geeky and Proud / Cool and quirky wedding in Fremantle

Imagine complete freedom when you plan your wedding. What would you do?

I know what I would. I'd surround myself with the all the important things in my life for one day. Go overboard a little and have as much fun as possible doing it.

What if my partner wanted the exactly same things as well? No need to compromise, ideas elevate themselves to the next level on it's own :)

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Swan Valley Engagement Session / Clare and Stew

Nature was trying to make things difficult for us that day. Swan River just burst its banks. In the middle of the summer - I'm a new Australian but even I know it just doesn't happen. Things were closed and walking was required.

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South Perth Foreshore wedding / Monika and Ryan

South Europe meets South Africa. In South Perth :)

When it comes to views it's hard to beat South Perth foreshore. Especially after dark. It's all about THE SKYLINE.

Monika and Ryan being smart and no nonsense people beautifully combined style, feel and logistics.

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