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Quirky WA Rowing Club Wedding

Jo and Ryan combined quirk and tradition together. We actually spent some time together before the ceremony. Ryan got a first look of Jo away from everyone, in a private. I love photographing The First Look as it's called in the biz of wedding photography. Away from a prying eye emotions often fly high.

The balcony was a last moment find but (it's Westin btw) what a cool find it was. Where else can you dance with this view literally at your feet :)

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One day stopped in time. Lifestyle family session with Daisy and Tom.

"Life is what happens while you are busy making other plans." John Lennon.

 Life happens to us every day but sometimes we are to busy to notice or appreciate it. One week changes into another and suddenly it's 5 years later. Everything is same yet different. One day Jake and Max will be looking at these photographs with smiles on their faces, wandering at how young their parents looked. And maybe remembering a long forgotten toy or the blue fence. 

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