I've been many things before I became a photographer. I've got a degree in Cultural Anthropology, I was a chef and a dive guide in Africa among other things. Non of them made me truly happy and I couldn't see myself doing them for the rest of my life.

Then I moved to Australia with my girlfriend. I got a job I hated but which paid the bills. And one day I came across a website explaining how to make a simple matchbox pinhole camera .

In retrospect, that website changed my life. Completely. Everything clicked and suddenly, I had a goal. One camera led to another and I was photographing all the time and everyone.

Photography became my hobby, passion, job and my life. I still have the very first photos taken with that matchbox pinhole camera. I even have the camera somewhere :)

I still live in Fremantle. I love the quirky nature of it, the mix of great food, great coffee and great people. And I love shooting weddings :)

My style is cinematic, natural and authentic. I want my couples to re-experience the wedding day through images.

Oh, my name is Polish by the way. I know it sounds impossible to say (many consider speaking Polish a superpower ;) but it's much easier than you think.

Piotrek Ziolkowski