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I think photographer's blogs are the best way to see if you will get along together. This is where you get to see the big picture and full wedding stories. You'll see some of the most iconic Perth wedding locations here and a few hidden gems. I photograph a lot of weddings in Fremantle so Fremantle features here a lot. If you dig dipper you'll see what I mean by story-telling in wedding photography and how pictures can work together.

The Golden Hour - Sally and Andrew

When Sally saw her sister's Perth pre-wedding session, she wanted one too. I wish I could say she and Andrew came all the way to WA just to jump in front of my camera... but it would be a lie :) Sally's sister surprise Rottnest Island elopement was the true reason. The session was just a cherry on top of that cake :)

Rottnest Island Elopement / Complete Freedom

I can now why there are photographers out there shooting only elopements. From start to finish it feels like a great, fun adventure. Rottnest Island is a beautiful place to get married. There are so many little secret beaches and bays along the coast line. So many visually stunning locations. So many spots where you just want to get lost and explore.

A little airport adventure / Couple photography session

Here's another awesome couple from Singapore visiting Perth. Jesper is a cadet pilot so when Joelle approached me to organize a cool couple session, I got a little excited. Photography is just like everything else, the more you put into it, the more you get out. I wanted this couple shoot to be unique, have the "Australian" feel to it and include the story. Airport and planes was the first and obvious idea but it proved a little difficult to pull off. In the end a bit of luck, daring and goodwill of strangers made it possible for us to spend some time at the Jandakot Airport.

Geeky and Proud / Cool and quirky wedding in Fremantle

Imagine complete freedom when you plan your wedding. What would you do?

I know what I would. I'd surround myself with the all the important things in my life for one day. Go overboard a little and have as much fun as possible doing it.

What if my partner wanted the exactly same things as well? No need to compromise, ideas elevate themselves to the next level on it's own :)

Swan Valley Engagement Session / Clare and Stew

Nature was trying to make things difficult for us that day. Swan River just burst its banks. In the middle of the summer - I'm a new Australian but even I know it just doesn't happen. Things were closed and walking was required.

Secret 'Be Yourselves' session in North Fremantle

L and S live in the same place where I used to live a few years ago. Right on the shore of Swan River where you can still see dolphins almost every day. This bit of North Fremantle is nicely wedged between the ocean and river, water is always close by.

Pre- wedding session / Gemma and Alan / Perth Hills

For those who don't know me... I'm a Perth wedding photographer who blends fine art and documentary approach to weddings. This is my blog/journal :)

Gemma and Alan are into wine. They also like Perth Hills. A decision to go to Bickley Valley for their pre-wedding session (I call them Be yourselves sessions) was a bit of a no-brainer. Only 30 minutes from Perth and one feels like in Margs. Swan Valley is quite nice too, but to be honest, its' not much of a valley.

Fremantle Engagement Photos / James and Jenna

It feels to me we somehow skipped spring this year in Perth. I was cold, cold for a long time, warm and sunny for a couple of weeks and suddenly...BAM, it's 37 degrees again. Which is what it was supposed to be the temperature last Saturday. Luckily, Freo Doctor cooled things a bit for us. I'll be photographing James and Jenna's wedding in Margaret River in a few weeks. Due to schedules and work we weren't able to properly get to know each-other earlier. It's no longer the case :)

Engagement Shoots - Win-Win scenario.

Despite the inaccurate (well, you're already engaged aren't you?) or terribly dry name - this is one of the most important moments in the run up to your wedding. They are so important I do them with every single couple. I don't charge extra and I don't want my packages look "bigger". Here are my reasons :)

Picnicing Away / In the bushes with Monika and Ryan

A lot of preparation went into this picnic. There were ham sandwiches, and hard to find fizzy drinks for Ryan. Monica even got a Polaroid camera so they can have some instant fun. I wish I could tell a bit more about them but some of it was quite personal and very funny. Another awesome wedding is approaching :)

Cottesloe Civic Centre wedding / Clare and Josh

One day Josh surprised Clare with an engagement ring in the middle of a photo shoot. I knew what was coming as Josh called me the day before to give me heads up. A year later or so later I had a pleasure to photograph their wedding in Cottesloe at the Civic Centre. Their wedding venue of choice was Blue Duck. Located just on the beach 10 minutes away from the gardens of Civic Centre.

Core Cider Wedding / Perth Hills / Sam and Kat

This is my first wedding at the Core Cider House. However I know thePickering Brook quite well. It's my second wedding in this part of Perth Hills within the space of two weeks. I've done a lot of location scouting there recently.  Core Cider is one of these small and unique venues that combine the feel and character of the area with awesome views.

Outdoor wedding in Perth Hills of Fran and Isaac

If you want a Perth Hills wedding you go to Core Cider House. If you're super lucky you grew up on a farm in Pickering Brook and this is where you're getting married. :) Fran and Isaac exchanged their vows in the middle of the orchard, just by the brook that gave name to the area. Perth Hills are incredibly beautiful even if the weather is bad.