Best Perth Pre Wedding Photographer / Hui and Kee

There is a pattern among the couples who come to Perth for their pre-wedding session and hire me. They want their photos to be different, unique, creative and full of emotions. This is how they describe my portfolio, not me.

They are adventurous, open minded, fun and very comfortable in their relationship. I don't know how exactly it came to be but this is a description of my ideal client. A few years ago I wasn't sure what I want to shoot but I knew well what I will not. So every pre-wedding photograph I have shown on my blog is exactly what I want to do with my future couples.

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When I started this thing called “being a professional photographer” a few years ago I wrote a list. The list wasn’t all about my photography goals but they were there. Back then I wasn’t even sure what sort of photography will be my thing. I just knew landscapes were boring and people were not :) I wrote my list, put it in my wallet and forgot all about it.

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Pienza Wedding Photographer / Tuscany Wedding / Jude and Sam

There are wedding destinations  that take your breath away the moment you see them. And Pienza in Tuscany is definitely one of them. A little town made of stone, perched on top of a small hill. In the morning when fog fills the valley it looks like town floating on a massive cloud. Fig trees grow in the cracks of hundreds year old walls and smells of delicious food fill the air. This is Pienza.

Terre Di Nano is a wedding venue to match the town. Also perched on a small hill, surrounded by olive groves and vineyards. A place where pizza oven is a size of a small house :)

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The AIPP Australian Professional Photography Awards 2018

I remember walking into Moore and Moore gallery a few years ago. Prints by best Western Australian photographers were on display. I was in awe of all the beautiful photographs on the walls. I wrote down the names of a few people and decided to get in touch. It was 2014 and just I quit my job to give photography a go. I knew no one in the industry and I knew nothing about being a professional photographer. All I had was a very vague idea about turning passion into work, one camera and three lenses.

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Helen and Andrew / Fremantle Winter Wedding

I might be a bit biased but I honestly think Fremantle is one of the best places to get married. It's the mix of history, architecture and nature. As a wedding photographer I want my images to tell a story. A story of the place, story of the couple and their friends. I want to capture all the little things that make them special and make their wedding day unique. Fremantle has a great mix of locations which always allows me to make something different and push me creatively.

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Upper Reach Winery Wedding / Krystle and Scott

There are places you like the moment you see them. I love venues that are a little different, not too big and not too small. Venues with lots of light and places which I can use creatively. And Upper Reach Winery was just like that. I don't know how Krystle and Scott found it but I'm happy they did. It's a part of Swan Valley which still has a very homely feel to it.

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I'm in the top 5 Emerging Wedding Talents in Australia :)

I’m excited and humbled at the same time. A few days ago Capture Magazine the winners and finalists of Top Emerging Photographers of 2018 . Somehow I managed to scrape my way to the top and became one of the Top 5 Emerging Talents in the Wedding Category in Australia. I really wasn’t expecting the 5th place, knowing many of my super talented WA fellow wedding togs also entered this year. But there I am, the man with a strange name :)

Thank you to all my friends and family who helped and supported me along the way. And big thank you to all my clients for their trust.

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Splendid Sandalford and Stylish Courtney + Swanky Cal

Swan Valley is one my favourite places in WA. I really like the relaxed atmosphere matching the slow run of Swan River and the multicultural background. So I was obviously excited for Courtney and Cal's wedding at Sandalford Wines. They booked me without a meeting me in person first which is always a good sign. They really loved my portfolio and there isn't a photographer doesn't like hearing that ;)

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