Wedding day survival guide for men - 8 simple rules for great groom's speech

Ok, all others things have been planned. You just have to show up and don't screw up. Oh, yea... the speech.

This are the rules for delivering a speech that will make people love you forever.

1. Keep it simple and short

People lose interest quickly and why prolong the suffering?

2. Use your own words

They know you and will now if copy and paste it from the Internet.

3. Say how she makes you a better person/human being/man

Find the real life example. There's alway something. Say it while looking at her.

4. Say that you love her

and why. Again, there's always one thing you like about her the most. Keep it short and classy.

5. Make them smile

Anecdotes are good, jokes are bad. This is thin ice so thread carefully.

6. Thank those who helped, made an effort and those who matter

They made this day easier/less painful and obviously care. Reward good behavior and score some points. Remember to keep it short. 

7. Wish everyone good and clean fun

Self-explanatory really.

8. Write it down

Write it down, read out aloud, remove bits that aren't essential and re-write, repeat until you have the essence.

Done. If it takes more than 10 minutes, you're doing something wrong.