Ollie and Jono / British Consulate Ceremony, Indiana Tea House Reception

Ollie and Jono got married in the British Consulate and it was one of the first same sex marriages not only in Perth but also in WA. The setting was a bit different from your usual wedding venue - there were ID checks, a few cameras, cavalry sabre in the corner and portrait of The Queen on the wall. Atmosphere was different too, it felt like history was being made, everyone knew something special was happening. 

I also claim a bit of credit for the soap bubbles :) Oh, yeah, soap bubbles at the British Consulate - this might have been a first too :)

The cake was a surprise (well, the inside)  and it's one of the coolest cake cutting  photos I've ever taken.

It was really great to be part of this day.

And no, I didn't "photoshop" the sunset, it was this awesome.

And yes, you can check my wedding gallery if you're on a look out for a photographer.