Protest against shark cull in Cottesloe

Thousands of people gathered today in Cottesloe to protest against the shark cull in WA. Surfers, divers, environmentalists, families, old and young came to express the anger at the current catch-and-kill policy... In the last two years or so a few people died in shark related accidents. Spike in the statistics I would say and nothing abnormal but politicians trying to capitalize on fears of the uninformed and ignorant decided to act. Enter shark's catch-and kill policy. Stupid and flawed of course as anything that's a product of a selfish and scared mind.

I blame Steven Spielberg a bit as well - it's been 30 years since Jaws and people still see man-eating beasts in anything that has fins and swims in the ocean... Funny because vending machines, ladders, toilets and toasters are deadlier than sharks - every year they kill more people than sharks. Anyway, check the photos - some of the signs are pretty funny and witty.

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