Bali, 2013


 Bali is an amazing place to visit and photograph. Streets teem with people and activity - exotic smells hit you at every corner. People are extremely friendly which is a first thing a newcomer notices. Hindu statues and little offerings are at every doorstep and corner- life here is follows a rhythm set by religion.

Bali is also going through a big transformation. Money that came with tourists is changing it as it would change any place. The Paradise is being trampled under the foot of voracious capitalism. The process has just started so it's still easy to find places fairly untouched by tourism and people living just like generations before them. Remember to smile a lot and learn a few words in Balinese, everyone speaks Bahasa Indonesia but a simple Suk Samal (Thank you) will make a world of a difference and open many doors. Don't pay for photos - offer to buy something instead or walk away. Don't forget to check other posts on my blog and if you like what you see -  subscribe and share! Here is my short photo essay from a Balinese Tajen or traditional cockfighting event.