Brookside Vineyard Wedding / Wojtek and Lana

Brookside Vineyard Wedding of Lana and Wojtek by Piotrek Ziolkowski


Fun and relaxed wedding at the Brookside Vineyard in Perth Hills

This is the wedding that made me googling "wedding forecast Perth" instead of "weather forecast Perth". In the end, we were lucky to have only a little bit of rain. The Brookside Vineyard is beautiful, there's a lot of prettiness packed into a small area. A bit of a photographers dream really.

Wojtek and Lana showed no stage fright. Big smiles dominated the ceremony and the rest of the day. We also had a few tears towards the end :) It was one of these rare days when everything and everyone just clicked.

I'll be spending more time in Perth Hills this wedding season and I'm already impressed by what this part of WA has to offer.