Kat and Sam and Hugo / Very happy trio

Sam and Kat trying to keep Hugo in one spot. He's a licker.

Be yourselves/engagement session with Sam and Kat in South Fremantle

Sam and Kat are getting married in Perth Hills in a few weeks. Big part of what I do is getting to know people a bit better before the wedding and discovering things that make them unique. Everyone is camera shy at first and there's only one way of overcoming it. It's one of these things you have to do to understand.  Sam and Kat know all the secret tricks now. Surely they'll approach the wedding day with Hugo like, care-free attitude :) That's the plan at least.

For some strange reason I wasn't expecting wild flowers. But I was happy to see them. Rain was coming our way but we fished just before the it hit. Kat spend a lot of time wrapped in Sam's big arms that day :) The two quotes you see are their words, they struck me as profound and fitting.