Core Cider Wedding / Perth Hills / Sam and Kat

Core Cider wedding of Kat and Sam / a little bit of rain and a whole lot of love.

Rustic yet elegant orchard wedding of Kat and Sam at Core Cider House.

This is my first wedding at the Core Cider House. However I know Pickering Brook quite well. It's my second wedding in this part of Perth Hills within the space of two weeks. I've done a lot of location scouting there recently.  Core Cider is one of these small and unique venues that combine the feel and character of the area with awesome views.

I could not appreciate it on the day, but they also make their own, tasty cider. After a way too long winter, apple trees just started to bloom and the orchard looked amazing. The whole place is a photographer's dream. One just have to go for a bit of walk. It's almost to easy so part of my plan was to do something unique for Kat and Sam. Enter my Polaroid Land 660. The camera is a little temperamental, but takes great photos and it's fun to use. There was a little competition between Kat and Sam and Kat was definitely a winner :)

Their Fremantle engagement session was very personal, fun and candid. I really wanted their wedding day photos to have the same feel but be a bit different. This is the story of the day with all the things, moments and people that made it special.

ps. How awesome is the rain shot (would not happened without the help of a Core Cider chef who helped me with a bit of glad-wrap and than kicked my out of his kitchen :) and the little GIF animation ;D

ps. 2 I'm still thinking of the pork belly and the crackling :)