Pre- wedding session / Gemma and Alan / Perth Hills

For those who don't know me... I'm a Perth wedding photographer who blends fine art and documentary approach to weddings. This is my blog/journal :)

Gemma and Alan are into wine. They also like Perth Hills. A decision to go to Bickley Valley for their pre-wedding session (I call them Be yourselves sessions) was a bit of a no-brainer. Only 30 minutes from Perth and one feels like in Margs. Swan Valley is quite nice too, but to be honest, its' not much of a valley.

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Fremantle Engagement Photos / James and Jenna

It feels to me we somehow skipped spring this year in Perth. I was cold, cold for a long time, warm and sunny for a couple of weeks and suddenly...BAM, it's 37 degrees again. Which is what it was supposed to be the temperature last Saturday. Luckily, Freo Doctor cooled things a bit for us. I'll be photographing James and Jenna's wedding in Margaret River in a few weeks. Due to schedules and work we weren't able to properly get to know each-other earlier. It's no longer the case :)

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Picnicing Away / In the bushes with Monika and Ryan

A lot of preparation went into this picnic. There were ham sandwiches, and hard to find fizzy drinks for Ryan. Monica even got a Polaroid camera so they can have some instant fun. I wish I could tell a bit more about them but some of it was quite personal and very funny. Another awesome wedding is approaching :)

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Cottesloe Civic Centre wedding / Clare and Josh

One day Josh surprised Clare with an engagement ring in the middle of a photo shoot. I knew what was coming as Josh called me the day before to give me heads up. A year later or so later I had a pleasure to photograph their wedding in Cottesloe at the Civic Centre. Their wedding venue of choice was Blue Duck. Located just on the beach 10 minutes away from the gardens of Civic Centre.

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Core Cider Wedding / Perth Hills / Sam and Kat

This is my first wedding at the Core Cider House. However I know thePickering Brook quite well. It's my second wedding in this part of Perth Hills within the space of two weeks. I've done a lot of location scouting there recently.  Core Cider is one of these small and unique venues that combine the feel and character of the area with awesome views.

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Outdoor wedding in Perth Hills of Fran and Isaac

If you want a Perth Hills wedding you go to Core Cider House. If you're super lucky you grew up on a farm in Pickering Brook and this is where you're getting married. :) Fran and Isaac exchanged their vows in the middle of the orchard, just by the brook that gave name to the area. Perth Hills are incredibly beautiful even if the weather is bad.

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Morgane and Owen / Perth Engagement Photographer

The pressure is on when a photographer and a photo editor are getting married. And they picked you to photograph it. It's also liberating because they understand the power of images and storytelling. Bells Rapids is a special place to these two and a perfect choice for a relaxed session. I don't like "rushing" my images. Slower pace allows people to be themselves and enjoy the experience. I also have more time to explore, observe and catch moments. 

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Gosia and Alex / Another Freo Wedding

This is what happens when rain goes away mid day - amazing sunset. It just happened that me Gosia and Alex were on the Coogee beach ready to pounce on it :) And pounce we did. I remember, when I was preparing their engagement session blog post, one thing stood in my mind: " Quietly in love". This still is how I'd describe what's between them.

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Tarrant and Cecelia / Fully Fremantle Wedding

As the name suggests this was mainly Fremantle event. Cecelia and Tarrant like things quirky and different so Fremantle was a perfect choice for a wedding.

Anyone choosing to get married here is cool by default. Anyone hiring an Ice cream truck (or to be more precise Ice Pop's Truck) is a trend setter of coolness. At one point 80% of all the guests have been seen in a semi-bent position with an ice pop in a hand. I wasn't quite convinced, at first, about the whole idea so I ate 3.

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Jo and Oliver / Lamont's Bishops House Wedding

I love photographing wedding because it allows me to document something really important. Everyone opens their door for me, I can go anywhere I want, I get to hear the stories.

It's life condensed...

When it comes to telling stories it's the quality that matters. It's all about taking away untill you can't take away anymore.

Jo and Ollie remind me of Yin and Yang a little - British cool and Greek fire mixed in perfect proportion.

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